Large Multimedia Drawings by Jill Cicchini

Mount Holyoke College Class of 2003

Artist statement: These drawings that I have been doing for the past three months are about the survival of my true self, my true thoughts, and my true voice. Somewhere along the way I started letting so much of what I am get overshadowed that I forgot what the stuff looked like. For some reason, it became easier to adjust to the frameworks of others than to pay any attention to, nurture, or even allow the existence of my own.

These drawings are of, about, and born from my thoughts, my states of mind, my realities, my comments, my visions, my moments, my feelings, my worlds. This is my gibberish; my pure, elaborate, indulged gibberish allowed to come into a strong focus and explored in all its glorious and interacting nuances of color, shape, and texture. This is a celebration and a statement of myself.

I have been inspired by "complex simplicity" that appears simple but really isn't. When you examine it closely, you can see the layering and the subtle shifts in color and material. It allows the viewer to keep delving into it but it never fully reveals its secret; there is always some element of surprise veiled beneath the pigment, which helps it to transcend the materials and become something as complex as reality itself. Reality is in layers and we will never figure it all out, but we WILL keep exploring it, and we will keep finding more and more. And that's as it should be.

I love selling my art because I love the concept of it spreading out into other lives. If you and the people in your life get something out of it, then it becomes bigger. I hope you enjoy looking at these drawings as I've enjoyed creating them.

These large multi-media drawings are for sale for $300 framed, or $150 unframed. To arrange a purchase, email Jill at

[Drawing 1]
[Drawing 2]
[Drawing 3]
[Drawing 4]
[Drawing 5]
[Drawing 6]
[Drawing 7]